Thermo Utilities v3.5, MS Excel Add-ins

Brief Description and Downloading

Thermo Utilities v3.5 is a software package developed for engineers and scientists, who wish to design, analyze or optimize power plants, air conditioning systems and other chemical processes. It supports 32-bit version of MS Excel i.e. Excel 97-2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and higher and it will run on PC platforms with operating systems Win XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 and higher. For older versions of Windows OS please contact us.

Thermo Utilities offers a large number of functions for calculating the properties of water, steam, air, flue gases and other fluids. The functions used for steam and water properties are based on a set of equations accepted by the members of the Sixth International Conference on the Properties of Steam. The sets of equations are also known as "IFC Formulation for Industrial Use". Thermo Utilities calculates the properties of dry air, moist air, exhaust and flue gases by using equations accepted by ASHRAE and CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers). Lee-Kesler method used in this package can be applied to a large number of chemicals for estimating thermodynamic properties. The database accompanied with this package for use with Lee-Kesler method supports more than 450 chemicals. The package also offers a large number of inverse functions which are useful for applied thermodynamics calculations. The features are:

Download the latest version, about 9 Mb

There is also a number of worksheets available for registered users. These worksheets cover combustion of coal, biomass and fossil fuel, compressor, condenser design, cooling with dehumidification, closed-feed heaters, gas turbine, mixing of two air streams, regenerative steam cycle, sensible cooling/heating process, steam turbine and steam valve/throttling process.

How to install Thermo Utilities

You must have approximately 15 Mb of free disk space to install the program. Before you install "Thermo Utilities", please review the Installation and User Manual of the software, click here to download.

How to order your registration key

Before ordering your registration key, please make sure that everything works on your computer. Many functions of Thermo Utilities v3.5 should work even if you do not have a registration key. If there is any problem, do not hesitate to contact us. We solve all the problems, before you order our product. When you order you will receive your registration key that enables all the functions. It is not possible to transfer the registration key from one computer to other. If you wish to order your registration key, please run the program "C:\THERMOXL\register.exe" and:

  1. Type your name, company name, fax number and your email address (blank if not applicable)
  2. Select the Add-ins you wish to order
  3. Press the Order button
  4. Email us the software generated "order.txt". The file location is: "C\THERMOXL\order.txt"
  5. Pay the registration fee

Here is a screenshot of registration utility:

The prices of the registration keys are:

Please click on the link to add your order to shopping cart. If you wish to add several software components to you order, please click on the "Back" button of you bowser (or mouse right click and select Back) from the order page. It will return you this page so you can add to your order.

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